Saturday, June 01, 2013

De-pimp your Bracelet

It is another of these long weekends where I've had the choice of either living out my workaholic side and chip away at the pile of work I've set myself, or just laze around reading my book, cycling through the prettier part of Vienna's outskirts in search of elder flower, drafting a few blog entries or doing creative things that spontaneously come to my mind.
I chose the latter.

An object begging for some creative alteration was a bracelet I'd bought recently, but which I wasn't 100% happy with. The reason I'd bought it was that I really like bees (and not only since and because of recent debates). The piece had little bee-shaped charms on it; bees, beetles and flowers. Unfortunately, it did not truly suit my style because all the lovely charms were fastened to a thick golden chain - the type that can be found around necks and wrists of the stereotypical and often-portrayed Viennese vest-wearing, swearing, petulant, self-righteous, tendentially racist working-class male in his mid-50s. Or pimps. Not really people I either associate with or wish to be associated with.

So, I have a trauma connected to golden chains and I knew I was never going to wear it, unless I made some changes. I consequently searched my big box of spoils for some inspiration and found the clasp of a necklace which was once replaced by a simple leather strap and also little black beads, remnants of the same necklace. I, furthermore, found a spool of silver wire and a green leather strap. In short: all I needed to replace the horrid golden chain. (While I was at it, I also got rid of the three most tastless charms on it, only transferring the pretty ones onto my new bracelet.)

The result I was finally happy with is this:

A more hippiefied version that blends in with the other leather-strapped things already on my wrist.

I might start easing my workload now. Or I'll return to my book...

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Mia said...

Hey du,

cooles Armband!
Ich glaub, ich hab grad überhaupt kein aktuelles irgendwas (Telefonnummer, E-Mail-Adresse) um dich irgendwie kontaktieren zu können. Das ist blöd :(
Magst du mir auf irgendeinem Wege deine Mailadresse zukommen lassen, bitte?

Du könntest mir zB an
eine Mail schicken. :)
Und ich beneide dich um deine Erfahrung einer echt britischen Hochzeit :D
Alles Liebe, Mia