Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shake it

Right - thanks to my influential environment (for which I myself am responsible) I'm turning to English now... (it's just everywhere!)

Anyways, one of these influential things was a very recent trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, well-known for being the town where William Shakespeare was born (1564), lived and died (1616).
The reason for going there were (apart from my general wish to spend time in the UK whenever I can) Kate, Nina and Constanze and their obsession with "Dr. Who" star David Tennant, who happened to play the lead roles in Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost. Knowing that I liked Shakespeare stuff, they kindly asked me if I wanted to accompany (!) them (and as a result of my answering in the positive forced me to watch "Dr.Who"...haha!).

So there we were and had incredibly good seats (3rd row!!! - we even got to see D.T.'s underwear label...) for an incredibly low price. Theatre there is for everyone and not as posh as here - more like cinema, where you can eat and drink.
Both performances were brilliant! Can't remember ever laughing so much at a play (i.e. LLL)!(Surprisingly, the Shakespearean language posed no problem at all.)
Alas! We didn't get an autograph from Mr. T., who had cowardly sneaked out at some back door... but never mind :-). Waiting in the cold can also be fun :-P

And to get as much Shakespeare as possible, we bought a ticket for all 5 Shakespeare houses in the area - that kept us up and running during daytime: We weren't even deterred by the fact that Mary Arden's House was more than 3 miles off. Walking is a good exercise, the weather was most of the time agreeable and the canal path is too beautiful. (Yeah, walking along a canal is a sort of leitmotif in my UK holidays it seams...)

We also met a lot of interesting people in the various pubs and on our way... some more abusive than others ;-). (We were called "Welsh" just because I wanted my J2O topped up with water -> "Water?! Why not lemonade?"
"Because I'm not British"
"Where are you from then?"
"Austria... isn't that near Wales?" ..... "So how did you like the food? Is it like the food in Wales?" etc....)

It was a great little holiday and like always I came home with a lot more stuff than I took with me from Austria. (But who wouldn't buy a 2kg-Thesaurus for just 6 Pounds?).
Thanks to my summer job - which actually bought me 2 holidays :-) - I'm still not broke and therefore happy... and planning...

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