Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cider in the Stout

No, not another weird British drink combination. (Speaking of which: never ever drink Guinness with blackcurrant cordial - tried it once, 'cause I learned on Herm that some people like that -- elderly gentlemen in general, come to think of ... hm... However, I found that pure Guinness is more to my taste.)

Back to the topic: "The Stout" is a fairly new 'Irish Pub' in Vienna, where Kate and I went last Friday to celebrate Kathi's birthday. A glimpse at the drinks list told us that the pub offered a wide variety of ciders and having just come back from England where we encountered "Aspall's English cider" for the first time, we decided to expand our knowledge of this delicious liquid a bit further and after a long time of indecision finally ordered "Old Rosie's".
5 mins later the - strikingly handsome - waiter advanced with just ONE of the desired drinks - the last bottle, apparently.
"No prob, we'll share and order another one afterwards."

Which we did.

Again and again.

On the list were, I think, 6 different kinds of cider and we had them all! On one of the beer mats we took down our ranking (which might have been a bit ... influenced in the end and not very accurate): The clear winner of the evening was "Savannah", a South African cider, made from Granny Smith apples. yummy. The already mentioned "Old Rosies" follows closely. In between come the classics "Strongbow's" and "Bulmer's" - average, the latter tasting of honey.
"Blackthorn", on the other hand, tasted a bit too much of its name and was therefore declared the loser of the night.

'twas a merry evening - the two of us thought we must also make other pub goers laugh and, consequently, grabbed a whole stack of beer mats and decorated them with pieces of wisdom. (Not everything too wise, but amusing at least!) -, which was later enriched (or rather disturbed) by a slightly weird guy who was trying to out-philosophise me by talking about cycles of which no-one can escape &c. ... but I fought bravely!

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