Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food issues - No. 2: lunch

I have by now acquired a large tea mug, my own spoon and a baby feeding bowl (was the cheapest thing closest to a muesli bowl that I could find in the short time I spent on Guernsey on my first day off). Got my own proper muesli, fruit and yogurt as well. So, the breakfast problem has been sorted.

Lunch is different. The weird and slightly disturbing aspect is that we get lunch from 11 to 12 a.m.. It therefore pretty much coincides with breakfast (not in my case anyway because I'm still trying not to mess up my biorhythm completely. So far I managed to get up at 7:30 every day, despite late nights.).
Lunch is always light because we only get cold things like different kinds of salad and, if we are lucky, fruit. Sometimes we also get the remains of last day's dinner, slightly modified (e.g. incredibly delicious pasta, turned into a salad by adding loads of mayonaise...yuck!). The not too lazy ones among us make themselves toast, but I can't be bothered this year. Takes up too much time and I don't like toast that much. Salad and fruit is enough. A big plate of salad and fruit.
The main trouble with lunch is that if you're not there at 11 sharp (or 5 minutes earlier) you won't get any of the good things. Melons are usually gone by 10 past 11 and if you're lucky you can scrape together the last few slices of orange. But I don't mind that much because I'm usually not that hungry by then.

What we offer to our customers is a different kind of lunch and after a week I can tell you that this year's favourites are the "Prawn and Crab open" - just prawn and crab piled high on 2 slices of brown "bread" (there is, of course, no such thing as proper bread on the Channel Islands - they're still part of the UK...) with lots of cocktail sauce - and the all-time best-seller Fish&Chips. The Bailiwick Moules (Mussels, served with Garlic Bread) rank very high as well and Sandwiches of all kinds (served with crisps, for whatever reason) are again devoured in large numbers.
After that most people still feel hungry and order ice creams, like Death by Chocolate or Banoffee Pie (for which they are hated by the pastry chefs: Making ice creams is the least liked job in the kitchen, besides polishing plates and cutlery, but that is the waitresses' (i.e. our) affair). People who don't like ice cream can choose between Choc Fudge Cake, Cheese Cake or Tart au Citron. These, also, don't make our pastry chefs happy. Lazy lot!

Sunday lunch is different, though, because then the carvery is switched on and manned and people can help themselves to the typical Sunday roast. We like that because then we don't have to run food all the time - we only clear the tables from plates with the gravy-pools, left-over yorkshire puddings and soaked napkins afterwards. Yum!

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