Friday, July 24, 2009

Lazy Days on(/in) The Ship

If the weather is fine and the sun shines we hoist our sails (i.e. put up the umbrellas on the patio) and get our weapons ready for the prospective invaders: we spend the hours till noon primarily in the kitchen, polishing plates and cutlery for day and evening. We only step bravely onto the deck (i.e. the restaurant) when people want to have breakfast there - but they are usually few.
If the day continues to be sunny, we brace ourselves against a rush of hungry pirates and are then busy trying to satisfy them with fish&chips, seafood, sandwiches etc. and clearing up the bloody mess afterwards and scrubbing the deck till it is shiny once again.

If, however, we are sailing into stormy waters and heaven sends us water from above we do a lot of weaponry polishing as well, followed by maintainance work: We rub all the lanterns and other brass decoration with skin-irritating Brasso, we sweep the deck (and hoover the restaurant, with faithful Henry - Henry the Hoover), we break our backs dragging barrels of gunpowder (i.e. kegs of beer and cider) below deck and we fold napkins (sorry, I couldn't think up something funny for that).

When despite auspicious heavens The Ship happens not to be entered by hoards of pirates, our Captain - out of boredom - sometimes makes the difficult choice of choosing people to walk the plank. The ones he chooses may desert ship early. Sometimes we are forced to play Russian roulette, to reach a decision - which means a coin gets flicked or we play a cruel game of paper-scissors-stone. The latter is most of the time deadly for me - our barman Jordan tends to win every time, but I've worked out his technique and last time beat him. Ha!

Having left the Ship behind and got rid of our pirate's attire (black blouse, black skirt, black tights, black shoes, raspberry coloured apron) we usually head for one of the beaches immediately to enjoy the few hours of sunshine we can get. Sometimes we nip to the Mermaid Tavern first to get ice cream or some other kind of snack that gets us round till staff tea (i.e. dinner) at 5 o'clock ... but that is a different story that I might or might not elaborate on...

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