Sunday, July 19, 2009

Island Impressions

I thought it was about time that I got some pics online and made you jealous of my holiday home. It is in fact amazing and I'm doing my best to appreciate it every single day!

Veronika and Zuzi taking an evening walk over the island's plain.

Fisherman's Beach at sunset.

Some boats in the harbour at sunset. Tide is high - otherwise the boats wouldn't float on the water but lie on dry sand: Tide differs by 10 metres or more on Herm island and at low tide you can walk to that little island to the right.

A popular way of selling tomatoes, flowers, cucumbers and other agricultural produce on Guernsey. (The sign to the right says "Would the person that always pays 50p for tomatoes please pay the balance or stay away!")
I even saw people trying to sell their children's old toys this way...

The contents of my apron or "Things a waitress better had on her at all times":
- Tissues: for runny noses, spilt liquids, hiding food,....
- Key for the till
- Pad and pen: for taking down orders, random sketching,...
- Hair clips: after 10 hours of work your hair is usually not as you had meant it to be 10 hours before (especially on a windy day)
- Labello: lips get dry with a lot of talking and only little to drink. (It's easy to forget thirst when working and I'm drinking much less than at home.)
- Herm Island Chocolate Mint Wrapper (with or without chocolate within): The Chocolate comes with the coffee we serve at Captain's Table and some people just don't eat theirs, so they end up in waitresses' aprons.
- Key for my room: No 9 in Sark block, a very shabby shack whose outer walls of corrugated iron have been painted white this year to make it look decent. The interiour is not that beautiful, though: The corridor is littered with beer cans...I spare you pics of that...
- 70p emergency cash: for days when I'm so tired that I have to dope myself with coke from the vending machine in the cantine
- Corkscrew: for opening wine bottles, opening letters etc.
The only thing I still miss is a lighter: This will change tomorrow. I need it because I've turned heavy smoker. All that stress everyday. Annoying customers.... No, in fact I need it to light candles at Captain's Table: for a romantic atmosphere in the restaurant.

North Beach: The most beautiful and secluded of Herm's beaches: You'll never find people there because it's rather difficult to reach and always windy.
Ina and I took a walk today and left our footprints on the otherwise untouched beach.

On the way to said beach: Shortcut over the rocks.

Next we are going to explore Herm's caves and tunnel systems. But I'll have to get some batteries for my torch first...


El-Mo said...

I'm quite envious, you know? :-p

Thaaanks a lot for the postcard! A letter to you is in progress... (actually, it has been even before I got your postcard :D)

Hugs and kisses, Kate

kathi said...

sieht aus, als hättest du eine gute zeit ; )

Lisa said...

Hey there!
Appreciate your pictures very much - especially the one of Fisherman's Beach looks fabulous!
I'm at the moment enjoying Austria's marvellous Alpine scenery and I'm willing to clean it:) You can't image what people are littering there...

Wish you a great time!!

Kristina said...

Lisa, next year I'll be with you doing the same thing.... if you let me, that is...

loads of kisses&hugs :)