Sunday, August 23, 2009

Part-time Maidenhood

The last 2 weeks saw lots of changes in our small crew: One of our mates abandoned ship (or was more likely nicely asked to walk the plank) and cards/positions were re-shuffled. As we had only one barman left and one of the waitresses moved up into a minor management position, my boss asked me if I'd like to do a few bar shifts. I was thrilled by that offer/request and accepted straight away for a handful of reasons:

a) Variation is never a bad thing and spices up everyday working-life.
b) I want to learn as much about barkeeping as I can... maybe I'll want to work behind a bar again one day
c) The hours just couldn't be any better: morning shift's from 8 to 4; evening from 3 to closing --> half a day off --> time to go to Guernsey, do some sports, read, sleep in,....
d) Less stress and running to and fro. (People don't bother me about ketchup, tartar sauce or other stupid little things...)

As soon as I accepted, I got exactly one training shift with our no.1 barman Andy (never had so much fun as that day; making secret hot-chocolates, juggling trays,....), before I was put on an opening shift on my own. Everything went well, though, and I found that bartending is mostly about keeping the bar clean and trying not to run out of glasses or cups. And of course about dealing with drinks orders, weird as they may be (Whiskey and lime?? White wine and tonic?? WTF??). So far the most difficult drinks to prepare have been Shandy and Liqueur Coffees, but I've mastered both after being thoroughly instructed and nothing can freak me out now. (Except for weird customers. But I didn't have any of those so far...)

Anyways, I really enjoy being part-time barmaid: The beautiful thing about it is the variation. And the music! This year we have music in the bar - Island FM! The local radio station with news about Guernsey.... thrilling ;-). But the music they play is mostly good and makes polishing glasses (and work in general) a little bit more enjoyable.

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Fernando Gustav von Gutenstein said...

Hello Kristina!

I enjoyed reading your entry - very interesting, indeed.
Sounds like you are having fun at the utmost behind the bar!

When you are back in Austria again, it would be an honor to invite you to a trip on my yacht. You decide where to go...and I say: Cast off!

Kind regards!

Fernando Gustav