Sunday, August 09, 2009


Due to the sub-standard food to which I'm subjected here...
Excuse me, but I'm mildly pissed off by the fact that I found myself
confronted with only slices of tomato and cucumber, onions and grated
cheese for lunch - very filling... Not to speak of the variation I'm offered
for dinner (: Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Fish - Chicken - Sunday Roast :)
... I waste my low wages on quality food and some luxury goods.

Here are some of them:

J2O Orange and Passionfruit (other flavours available): Highly addictive, fruity and best enjoyed on ice and topped up with water (*wink*). Also sold in The Ship...

Dorset Cereals in various flavours. For the perfect breakfast add natural yogurt and blueberries, blackberries or any other kind of fruit. Unfortunately, Co-op frequently runs out of it.

Eat Natural Bars (loads of different flavours available): Probably the best muesli bars in the world! Yum! They are just like magnets: everytime I see them on a supermarket shelf, I have to go and buy (at least) one.

Clippers Green Tea (either with lemon or nettle): For a reason unknown to myself I do not like black tea anymore (must be its omnipresence here...). Therefore I keep my own neat assortiment of different green and fruity teas in my room and drink at least 1.5 litres every day. (Hey, I have to stay hydrated in some way!)

Carrot Cake - Tastes especially nice in The Terrace, The Loft or Café Victoria (my 3 favourite eateries on Guernsey), but that's probably also due to the awesome view and great atmosphere these places offer! Our pastry chef told me he's got the best recipe for carrot cake, ever. I think I've got to get it off him! (btw: He was just dancing past me... funny guy! :D)

Dr Pepper - basically Cherry flavoured coke. I'm not addicted to it but on very tough and exhausting days it kicks me back into an active and alert state which enables me to work properly (i.e. not to drop anything, forget things,...). On these days a can of the fizzy drink is carefully placed in the backstore (midway between restaurant and kitchen) where I can take sips in passing.

All these goods make my life here a bit more bearable and enjoyable and I'll probably miss them back home...

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